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On February 17, more than 200 people who live, work and play in Amherst spent their evening at the town Fire Hall talking about the future of their town. This was a remarkable turnout for a town that size. So why did so many come? Almost all (96%) said they felt Amherst was at a crossroads, and 79% said they wanted to be part of a solution.

The event, which was a collaboration between Engage Nova Scotia and the Town of Amherst, included interactive voting and group conversations about challenges and opportunities that were identified during the course of the evening.

This was the first of two such events planned for the town of Amherst, with the second scheduled for April 27. More than 86% of folks who came to the first meeting plan to return. When they do, they will tackle the issues they care about most as identified in the meeting and the feedback we received after the meeting. Details to follow. 


Download the February 17th Event Report 


Download the Voting Results


Let's Face Tomorrow Together - Everyone Matters 2

On April 27 the Town of Amherst and Engage Nova Scotia held Let’s Face Tomorrow Together – Everyone Matters 2. The meeting was the second opportunity for people who work, play or live in Amherst to come together and shape the future of their community.

Over 100 members of the public gathered at the Amherst Regional High School to take action on 6 topics the community identified as being most important in the first Everyone Matters community meeting on February 17, 2016. They were:

1. Revitalizing Downtown
2. Age Friendly Community
3. Business Growth
4. Trails, Recreation, and Active Transportation
5. Retention and Attraction of 18-30yr olds
6. Tourism Growth

Pdf_by_mimooh.svg.png Download the April 27th Event Report


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